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Certified Good Form Running Clinics

Along with New Balance, we are happy to host certified Good Form Running Clinics.  So what is GFR anyway?  Watch this short video from GFR Founder, Grant Robison.  Our Certified coach will take participants through the four main points of GFR and go through hands on drills and video analysis.  GFR has been widely adopted as the best running technique and is helping runners across the country run faster, easier, and injury free.  

GFR Clinic Schedule:

  • GFR with Beacon Orthopaedics - Thursday, May 14th @ 6:30pm @ Fleet Feet Sports Blue Ash - RSVP HERE  

This session features an additional clinic!  Ben Spotts, PT & Dr. John Bartsch from Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine will join us for the evening to discuss common injuries and how to come back from them.  Ben & Dr. Bartsch are experts in the field of running/walking injuries and can help you to be a healthier runner or walker.  The Running Injury Clinic caters to the avid runner/walker trying to return to training or participating in races. This program combines highly skilled physical therapists with cutting edge technology. Consisting of a personal evaluation, video analysis, and personal exercise/training recommendations to get you back to 100%.  Click Here to find out more about these professionals & the program.  

Run easy, run fast, run healthy.

Running faster, more efficiently, and injury free is what runners strive for. With a focus on proper mechanics, Good Form Running aims to help runners of all ages and abilities achieve those goals. GFR addresses posture, running hills, how to use gravity to help you, what part of your foot to land on, being barefoot, walking efficiently, footwear, and staying injury free.

That said, we also realize that if it isn't easy it doesn't stick, so GFR is designed with simplicity as the primary goal. Making incremental changes can have monumental effects on the enjoyability of your running. Having taught clinics for over a year now, and having received continuous postive feedback, we are confident that Good Form Running can have a positive effect on your running too.

Click here for more on the 4 points of GFR